Tuyau Liquide Capteur de Niveau Sans Contact Capteur de Niveau Spécialement Pour Tuyau Mis il Sur Le Mur de Tuyau à Savoir le Niveau de Liquide niveau

Tuyau Liquide Capteur de Niveau Sans Contact Capteur de Niveau Spécialement Pour Tuyau Mis il Sur Le Mur de Tuyau à Savoir le Niveau de Liquide niveau


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Pipe Liquid Level Sensor Contactless Level Sensor Specially For Pipe

NOTE: when you order, Please let us know the following~

1: This is the link for ONLY 1 PIECE WS-03 LEVEL SENSOR, if you need several, pls choose the relative quantity to buy.

2: Your measuring object: container or pipe? if it\'s container, pls choose WS-02; if it\'s pipe, pls choose WS-03.

3: If you choose WS-03 for pipe measuring, your pipe diameter is(8~12mm or 12~26mm)? We\'ll send the free relative bracket once we know your pipe diameter is. Also you can leave us message in the order remarks part about which bracket you need, B or C? if you don\'t remark in your order when you choose WS-03, we\'ll send bracket C in default.

4: For Exterior working voltage Vdd we have, 5V or 12/24V two kinds, pls remark in your order about which power supply you would like, we\'ll send 12/24V in default if you don\'t remark, thank you for your cooperation~

Working Principle:

(the output to be low when there is water, and to go high when there is no water. )

Product Description:

Inducing water level sensor, only needs to cling it onto the outside of insulated container when you used. It will output an electrical signal when the liquid level reaches the detection point of the sensor. This sensor is easily installed and used and with a durable lifetime.

1. Contactless inducing sensor is applied to be installed outside of the container without direct contact with the liquid. It is not eroded by the superacid and alkali liquid and also is not affectted by the scale.
2. Intelligent liquid-level benchmark adjustment and liquid-level memory function. Liquid level status is displayed by LED.
3. Accurate and stable Detection. Also it can detect boiling liquid.
4. Pure electronic circuit structure, non-mechanical working, stable performance and durability lifetime.
5. High stabilization & sensitivity, good anti-jamming and no interference by outside electromagnetism.
6. Mightiness compatibility, it can penetrate various of non-metal material containers, such as plastic, glass, ceramic and other containers. Its inducing length can reach 10 mm, and it can detect liquid, powder and grain object.
7. Output with open collector which is applied to every kind of control circuit and product. Its voltage is from 5 to 24V and max output current is 30 mA.
8. The installation is simple and convenient, that is, paste and use.

Applied Range:
Household appliances products, sanitary wares intelligent control products, drinking & cleaning water and water treatment equipments, medical treatment and foodstuff mechanism equipments, chemical mechanism and equipments.
SENSOR 30×19×10mm

Working volt: 5V/12~24V

Output Amp: 30mA


Connection and application

User manual

Make sure the power wiring is correct before using.It should be connected to the output part and pull up the resistance R1 The sensor can use in the nonmetal container such as plastic,glass,ceramic also in the pipe.That can use double side tape or bracket to fix the sensor on the surface of container side when installation.Use type B or type C bracket to fit the pipe size with 8-12mm or 12-26mm when use the sensor to detect the liquid level of the pipe as below:

The liquid level benchmark should lie in the centeraline of the vertical direction of the inducing sensor during installation.After installation,the working liquid level ON/OFF should deviate within 10mm.If go beyond the requirement,use the special tool to adjust again.

Sensibility adjustment method

Take away the QC label,Use a responsive screw driver to adjust the resistor inside the adjustment hole on the top-left of the sensor.When the LED light turns on from the off state that means adjustment is completed.

If you have problems during using,you can\'t disassemble the products by yourself. Please dismantle the entire sensor and return back to the manufacturer to repair.

Brackets Show

Installation Picture

B, C bracket installation

WS-02 Purchasing link

Contactless Level Sensor

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